The Story

Reflecting the dichotomy of life, Numb blends drama and comedy, showing us a realistic representation of the grieving in our lives and our attempts to cope with it. It is an intimate yet funny portrayal of a struggling father son relationship in the face of loss. Through the use of comedy Numb is able to explore a complex subject in a way that is often treated with reverence and dread that is more realistic to life. 


The Project

Numb is currently a 12-minute extract from Ali Hughes' feature script (also titled Numb). We treated is as a stand-alone short film to give viewers and potential investors a chance to view the world Ali has created. Shot at four beautiful locations in the Cotswolds over two days, our lead cast members, Philip Jackson & Rory Fleck Byrne, worked tirelessly with director (Natasha Jatania) and twenty additional cast and crew members to ensure the story was portrayed beautifully.  


The Next Steps

The extract (or short film) that we have filmed makes up part of a really powerful feature film package that is ready to be picked up and produced at a moment's notice. We have ensured that a studio standard budget and schedule is kept up to date, and would like to invite financiers to be part of something much bigger than just an investment; the opportunity to be part of, what we believe, will be an indie film success story.

Cast & Characters

Philip Jackson (Pete)


Character Bio  

After 35 years of marriage and their recent retirement to the countryside, Pete abruptly faces the lonely life of a widower. Having moved from Watford to the small town of Witney, on the wishes of his late wife Pearl, a retired Pete finds himself out of his depths in his new countryside life. With his sarcastic humour and stoicism Pete buries his real pain, thus denying John the nurturance that he desperately craves and needs.

Rory Fleck Byrne (John)


Character Bio   

Faced with the tragedy of losing his mother, and deprived of emotional support John attempts to connect with his father on more than just a superficial level. Starved of love but unable to communicate it, his efforts to connect with an overwhelmed and confused Pete are even more futile now and John’s solution is to clumsily propel himself into the investments of his future. 

The Team

Director - Natasha Jatania


Natasha Jatania is a British-Indian Film Director and founding member of 4Quarter Films. She has directed a number of narrative and commercial projects, both domestically and internationally, including the multi award winning web-series Dreaming Whilst Black. At time of writing, the show has been officially selected at 28 festivals, with 43 nominations and 24 awards, including her win for Best Female Director at Independent Days Festival. 


Writer - Ali Hughes


A graduate of the Screenwriting MA at the Met Film School, Ealing Studios, Ali's first feature script 'Mignonette' won multiple awards internationally, and was a London Film Award finalist in 2017. 

He is the co-writer of the multi-award winning Web series 'Dreaming Whilst Black' which was ranked the #1 web series in the world in 2019, and is currently developing a BBC commissioned pilot for it.


Producer - Laurence West


Laurence completed university and started work as a runner on Avengers: Age of Ultron, he has since worked on some of the biggest movies made as an accountant and coordinator.

In 2019 Laurence broke away to start producing content through his production company Print Room Productions Ltd and has gone on to produce numerous shorts, documentries and branded content films. 


Contact Us

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Numb - the short film, will be available to watch from December 2019